From Against Expression, edited by Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith:

P. 448:
The text from Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams is fed into a computer program. The program randomly selects words, one at a time from Freud’s text and beings to reconstruct the entire book, word by word, making a new book with the same words. When one word is placed next to another, meaning is suggested, and even thought he syntactical certainty of Freud’s sentences have been ruptured by the aleatory process, flashes of meaning persist, haunting the text.

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Simon Morris:

“But both Ivan Ward from the Freud Museum and Professor Craig Dworkin have found statements by Professor Freud that suggestively suggest possibly that he actually prefigured this idea in his own writing. He talks about the possibility that it was indeed Freud himself who anticipated the cut-up as a process natural to human thought. So this is a bit of Freud from about, I think it’s about 1889”

Morris releases the 23,764 cut-outs of Rewriting Freud out of the car.